Restorative Yoga by Nalini

Restorative Yoga by Nalini

Restorative Yoga

Every person in this world desires a stress free life of peace and happiness, but our culture is based on how much we can achieve and how far we can go.
It is easy to become overwhelmed and fatigued, with the lives we lead today.
Our bodily systems become compromised, resulting in us becoming ill more often. Restorative Yoga offers us a nurturing space, where we can heal and balance our physical, mental and emotional symptoms more effectively.

Restorative Yoga has it’s background in the work of Guruji B.K.S Iyengar, who pioneered the use of props to help support the body in yoga postures. The use of props in restorative yoga, allows you to hold postures longer, giving you all the benefits of deep relaxation and passive stretching. These long held postures allow for release of deeply held stresses in our fascia and connective tissue. Postures and props are modified to suit each individual for maximum comfort, so that the body is supported optimally; encouraging greater energy flow and relaxation.

In Restorative Yoga, we consciously and mindfully, with the use of breath work, release our tension. As the breath is allowed to flow freely through our entire body, a lighter, energized and balanced self emerges. This experience takes you to a more subtle and refined practice, where presence of mind and body are needed.

The benefits of Restorative Yoga are profound!
– It offers overall support to the nervous, lymphatic, hormonal, endocrine, cardio thoracic and immune systems in the body.
– Increases circulation to organic and cellular body
– Lowers blood pressure
– Improves digestive function
– Increases production of endorphins
– Reduces effects of fatigue, insomnia,   stress and depression
– Enhances flexibility
– Improves capacity for healing in the body

Restorative Yoga brings you back into harmony with your body’s natural rhythms, giving you an opportunity to rejuvenate, rest and heal on every level.
It offers you the experience, of simply being…

Nalini teaches restorative yoga at the Durban Yoga Shala Friday mornings 8.15- 9.30am. Come learn how to relax deeply in order to heal on every level.

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